The Merry Wives of Windsor 
The rogue knight Falstaff is in love…with two women! Or is he? Is he just, once again, looking out for the main chance, on the make, tricking and conning his way to someone else’s wealth and property? Shakespeare’s only comedy set in England, this clever and funny play is one of his cleverest, with elements of farce, intrigue, revenge, fairy magic and a hint of tragic sentimentalism mixed in. The characters are amongst the best-drawn in the canon -  Falstaff’s lazy rapscallion followers Bardolph, Nym and Pistol; the two husbands, jealous and suspicious Frank Ford contrasting with faithful and trusting George Page; the faded gentry of Shallow and Slender; the mischievous Host of the Garter Inn; the thwarted young lovers Anne and Fenton; gentle Mistress Quickly, who wants to help everyone; the cartoonish Welsh priest Evans and outlandish Frenchman Dr Caius, each mangling the English language in their own unique way; the Merry Wives, Alice and Meg, sister tricksters in mind and soul; and Sir John Falstaff, the con-man conned, the hunter turned prey, his come-uppance all the sweeter for his knavish arrogance.  
Tickets are now on sale for our outdoor touring production of The Merry Wives of Windsor in the following venues

Newcombe's Meadow, Crediton Friday 2 July  7pm
Newcombe's Meadow, Crediton Saturday 3 July 4pm
Newcombe's Meadow, Crediton Sunday 4 July 2.30pm
Millennium Green, Sandford Friday 9 July 7pm

Newton St Cyres Arboretum Saturday 10 July 3pm SOLD OUT
Colebrooke Church Sunday 11 July 3pm
Tickets available from
£5 per head. Children under 12 free. Bring picnic blankets and folding chairs
Supported by SCOPS Art Trust, Norman Family Trust, Petrina Brealey and Crediton Town Council

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