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brown paper bag theatre company

Brown Paper Bag Theatre Company is the Arts Centre's resident theatre company and has been behind many of the centres most remarkable and dynamic productions.

Brown Paper Bag Theatre Company is a community theatre company based in Crediton Arts Centre and open to all over the age of fourteen. Our objective is to produce new and original theatre, so most of our productions are devised, scripted and produced by members of the company. We aim to have at least one production each year which is open to all comers. If you want to be involved, then you will be.

We always welcome new members, regardless of experience, as actors, musicians, writers, directors or backstage helpers. There are no annual subscriptions, only a fee to take part in a production as a performer, but it has always been company policy to make this a “pay as much as you can afford” fee.

So, if you want to join us, get in touch via the contact details below:

Jenny Start on 01363 774021 or

Find us on Facebook.

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